Full Body Thermography

Horses tend to develop mystery lameness and become sore without a definitive cause. Getting down to the root of the issue is important to help your horse heal, but it's difficult when you can't figure out why. Our equine veterinarian in Ocala uses full body thermography to find the underlying cause of an issue and formulate a treatment plan.

At Winners Circle Equine Veterinary Service, our vet is certified as a horse chiropractor and can provide traditional and alternative therapies. Here's what you can expect from an examination using full-body thermography.

Full Body Thermography

What Is Full-Body Thermography?

If you've ever seen heat-sensitive imaging, you've witnessed full-body thermography. The vet scans your horse's body with a heat-sensing scanning in an affected area to uncover areas of high heat related to the issue your horse is expressing. Once the source of the matter is discovered, the vet can dial in further with a physical exam to further pinpoint the problem.

Full body thermography is a non-invasive method that quickly gets to the source of an issue for treatment. The cause of lameness can be readily seen on the camera and treated appropriately.

What Can Full Body Thermography Uncover?

Full body thermography can uncover about anything on your horse causing an issue. Inflammation generates heat as the body tries to heal itself, and thermography clearly shows these areas. Thermography can be used to look for sore spots caused by a saddle, uncover a micro tear in a ligament, and uncover an abscess developing in the hoof.

Our Vet Reads the Information from Our Thermography Tool

The vet focuses the thermography tool over the area in question to look for areas that show up as red, yellow, or orange. These colors indicate the presence of a new or old injury or reveal areas of soreness that have developed over time. The vet can then use different diagnostic tools or manipulate the site to confirm an injury. From there, the vet can act to help resolve the issue at hand.

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You can come to Winners Circle Equine Veterinary Service in Ocala, FL, to your farm or barn to perform a full body thermography scan on your horses. If you're looking for other types of equine veterinary care, the vet provides alternative therapy, such as a horse chiropractor, acupuncture, and equine sports medicine. Give us a call at (706) 202-5476 to set up an appointment for a farm call or to bring your horse to the clinic for veterinary care.