Equine Lameness Evaluation

Winner's Circle Equine Veterinary Service Provides Complete Equine Lameness Evaluations.

Winner's Circle Equine Veterinary Service is your Equine Veterinarian in Ocala for your horse's Lameness Evaluation and other primary needs. We serve Ocala and the rest of Florida with top care for your horse, and we have patients from across the state who schedule time with us for our caring manner and expertise in horse matters. If you need an evaluation for a horse you are considering purchasing, selling, or have had a problem with recently, then schedule your appointment soon.   


A Proper Equine Evaluation Gives You the Information You Need to Provide for Your Horse's Specific Needs.

The term lameness is not an offhand insult for an injured or non-performing horse. It is an official term to technically describe a horse's gait or performance. A lameness evaluation determines specific abnormalities and often identifies the source of the problem for the horse. Most people schedule lameness evaluations for their horses when they buy them, sell them, before an appraisal, and if the horse's gait seems off. 

The evaluation provides valuable information and is the starting point for healing a horse who is injured or weak for whatever reason. 

What Happens at An Equine Lameness Evaluation?

First, your horse's medical history will be discussed fully. Then the vet will do a visual exam and help the horse feel at ease. After that, we will use our hands to examine the horse for any abnormalities or signs of pain. As the evaluation progresses we will use instruments on your horse's feet to test for sensitivity. Then we will observe your horse as he moves on different surfaces at different speeds. Even slight variations will be marked on a lameness scale of 0 to 5. Depending on the results thus far and the purpose of the exam we may perform further diagnostic tests such as nerve and joint blocks, radiographs, ultrasounds, nuclear scanning, tissue or blood sampling, or more. 

Information gathered from this examination is valuable because once we identify your horse's weakness we can begin to diagnose the exact cause and come up with a medical care and/or physical therapy plan to fix it. Knowing is half the battle. 

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