Equine Full Physical Exams

Equine exams, also known as horse health checks or veterinary examinations, are essential for maintaining the health and well-being of your horse. Routine veterinary exams are vital in preventing and identifying health issues, ensuring your horse's optimal performance, and promptly addressing any concerns. Given the size and power of a horse, equine physical exams are a science unto themselves. 

full body exam

Performing a full physical exam on a horse is an essential aspect of equine health care. Our qualified and trained veterinarian must provide a full examination, which is critical to ensure the horse is kept healthy. Winner's Circle Equine Veterinary Service in Ocala, FL, offers more information in the article below.

Equine Health

A horse’s health is determined based on its function and physical appearance. A well-kept animal is strong and can carry its expected load. As long as the horse performed and had its shoes replaced regularly, it was deemed healthy. Based on these factors, it's easy to think your horse is happy and healthy. However, your horse might not always show pain.

Equine vet physical exams are a far more involved procedure. These health checks combine visual and internal exams, such as blood tests, fecal examinations, urinalysis, and more. Veterinary vaccinations also play a big role in horse health, and many risks can be realized through parasites, bug bites, and ingestion.

Horse Veterinarian Exams

A full equine exam focuses on a review sufficient to diagnose every critical body system of a horse. Equine exams typically begin with a thorough physical assessment of your horse. The veterinarian will examine your horse's overall appearance, body condition, coat quality, and any external signs of issues. In addition, our veterinarian will measure your horse's vital signs, including heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, and mucous membrane color. Deviations from normal ranges can indicate underlying health problems. Equine asthma is a very real risk for horses, so cardiovascular health is a key factor veterinarian pay attention to in horse exams.

Health Support from an Equine Veterinarian

If you’re looking for a veterinary expert in horse healthcare that provides a comprehensive review, our team at Winner’s Circle Equine Veterinary Service in Ocala, FL, can help. We provide horse owners and companies with a full portfolio of preventative vet healthcare services. If there is an issue like equine asthma, we will find it. If there is room for improvement, we will provide detailed recommendations that are easy to implement. We know your horse is more than an investment. Let us help you care for your animal correctly. Call Dr. Harden (706) 202-5476 or Dr. Brooke Richards (386) 690-2016 for a full equine exam.