What's in a Lameness Evaluation?

What Consists of a Lameness Evaluation?

Lameness is a serious condition for horses, and it could be deadly. Lameness often led to a horse being euthanized. That said, veterinary care has advanced by leaps and bounds, and these days it’s often possible to treat lameness. If you believe your horse is suffering from this condition and you’re looking for an equine veterinarian in Ocala, FL, contact Winner's Circle Equine Veterinary Service. Our vet would be happy to help.

What Is Lameness?

Among equines, lameness refers to a change in the animal’s gate due to pain or injury. Horses suffering from this condition will try to keep weight off their affected limb, resulting in a change in how they move. The first step for treating equine lameness is typically to evaluate the horse. Let’s see what that looks like.

Evaluating Horses for Lameness

When a vet evaluates a horse for lameness, they often start by checking previous medical records. Sometimes the past offers clues for the present. Next, our veterinarian may observe the horse while sleeping to help them determine where the problem is.

After that, the vet may give the horse a close physical check, examining the injured or lame leg up close. Muscles, joints, tendons, and other tissues will be carefully examined.

Our equine veterinarian can use hoof testers to look for reactions caused by pain. The vet conducting the lameness exam may also want to see your horse as it moves in motion.

Furthermore, the vet may also use various diagnostic methods, including ultrasound, x-rays, arthroscopy, scintigraphy, blood tests, and more. Once the veterinarian has identified what's causing equine lameness, they can advise on the next steps.

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Throughout this whole process, it’s vital that the horse not be strained too much. Otherwise, your horse could aggravate its condition. Working with equine medical experts ensures reduced risk. Contact our vet at Winner's Circle Equine Veterinary Service in Ocala, FL, by calling (706) 202-5476!