Lameness in Horses

Lameness in Horses

Horses can be great pets and wonderful working animals. While they can bring a lot of joy to your life, they can also experience health issues, such as lameness. At Winner's Circle Equine Veterinary Service in Ocala, FL, we provide various treatments to alleviate any discomfort your horse is experience and improve its health. Before visiting us, learn more about what causes lameness below:

What is Lameness?

When lameness occurs in horses, they are not able to walk correctly. As a result, they may limp, stagger, or try to walk without putting any weight on the affected leg. Not only does that indicate that something is wrong with their leg or hoof, but can cause pain in other legs or parts of their body. In addition, it can lead to pulled muscles, falls, and more stress for your horse.

What Causes Lameness?

Lameness can happen due to a variety of causes, however, it is most commonly seen after an injury or accident. Along with that, arthritis or dislocations can contribute to lameness as well. If you notice any symptoms of the condition in your equine, it is important to seek treatment as soon as possible to prevent further complications.

How is This Condition Treated?

Treatment for lameness will depend on the root cause of the condition. An injury, for example, will need to be handled differently than a diagnosis of arthritis will. Our veterinarian will perform a through evaluation to determine what is causing the lameness. Afterward, we will create a personalized treatment plan to help your equine heal.

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