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Welcome to Winner’s Circle Equine Veterinary Services

Welcome to Winner’s Circle Equine Veterinary Services. Our practice is a mobile equine veterinary practice focusing on equine sports medicine, quality dentistry, chiropractic care, and acupuncture. As a freshman veterinary student at the University Of Georgia I found myself facing a life changing decision. Through a professor, I had been introduced to the world of equine sports medicine. I will never forget the feeling of seeing my first Thoroughbred race horse coming around the track at full gallop just before dawn. I was hooked! Ever since that moment I have been pursuing my interests in optimizing the potential of the equine athlete.


Our goal is to enhance the relationship between you and your horse, and to provide a more enjoyable and successful riding experience for you both trough a fully integrated approach of traditional sports medicine along with full body chiropractic and acupuncture care.

Dr. Marcus Harden
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Read What Our Clients Say

    Dr. Harden,

    When I bought K.O. River Crossing 3 1/2 years ago, I never would have thought Equine Chiropractor would be part of my vocabulary. The first time I had River adjusted, I was amazed at the change in his demeanor and performance on the ground and under saddle. Since that time, River has had many adjustments and I feel they have been of great benefit to him.

    Working with you the past year has been a pleasure. I was very impressed in the first session at your technique and natural instinct with the horses. Your style of adjustment was very different from what I had seen but made sense and River responded as if he was really enjoying having his body and muscles realigned to their anatomical position. I also appreciate the time you have taken to show me stretching and strengthening exercises for my horse. Great education for me and definitely a plus in helping River strengthen some week areas.

    It has been a pleasure working with you and with your assistance (as needed) I look forward keeping my horse healthy and in great riding condition .

    Loui Padgett
    K.O. River Crossing

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  • Dr.
    Marcus Harden, DVM

    I am a graduate of the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, and have trained with some of the top equine sports medicine veterinarians in the country. In my travels, I have had the privilege of being in the presence of three Kentucky Derby winners including the late Barbaro. After completing veterinary school I took a position in an equine sports medicine practice in south Florida where I saw a broad array of competitive equine athletes. These experiences have forged my passion for the equine athlete. I have a strong competitive drive to see my patients and clients successful. As a life long horse owner, I also understand how your horse is a member of your family, and that is why I strives to optimize that relationship through the health, well being, and comfort of your horse.